Day 3


Tailored fitness class

If you stayed up last night we risk advising you to wake bright and early and start the day as you mean to continue.

Perhaps firstly with a personalised fitness class with an ERock super fit coach.  He / She will set you up again and with your own chosen regime. Could be a simple workout or aqua-biking class or involve an electrostimulation session… loads to choose from

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Time for relaxation

After this endorphin boost, top up your vitamin D with some sunbathing on our pristine beach or at your own pool. Feeling thirsty? Ask the barista for a freshly made ‘green-boost’ smoothie.

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With the ocean alongside

Eden Rock’s talented chefs have created a range of delicious, healthy and beautiful lunch dishes using fresh and natural ingredients, some of which are grown and picked on site.
There are also plenty of gluten-free, lactose-free and sugar-free options. Make your choice, then sit back and enjoy, while gazing out over a perfect bird’s eye view of the sparkling waters of the Caribbean.

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St Barths’s hidden treasures

The afternoon adventure begins! Head off to discover another of the hidden treasures of St Barths – right behind the Eden Rock you will find the dreamy Etang de St Jean. Then cool off with a refreshing dip.

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An evening in the stars

Gustavia is the place to watch the sun disappear into the Caribbean. Choose a spot on the westward side of the town – or perhaps near the east-side weather station surrounded by tropical foliage – and prepare to watch a spectacular sunset, closely followed by the arrival of twinkling stars. The perfect start to a romantic evening à deux. For dinner, choose from one of the town’s numerous great restaurants.

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