Immune Care

Best performance against viruses

Immune Care

The Villa Stéphanie team of experts has responded to this year’s greatest challenge. Head of Medical Care Dr Harry F. König believes it is essential to pool skills to boost an individual’s immune system.

To effectively strengthen this ever ready companion the seven-day Immune Care programme is designed to provide lasting protection against viruses and infections. For example, with mental coaching to rev up the psychological immune system. The full-body massage is finished with a detoxifying lymphatic massage, and the personal dietician complies a menu with many suggestions for at home.

Plus, the personal attention afforded in the ´House of Wellbeing‘ is simply unforgettable.

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This offer includes:

Medical services

  • 1x Medical consultation for individualisation of your immune booster procedure
  • 1x Blood test and laboratory diagnostics
    your metabolism and important vital substances
  • 3x Infusions to strengthen the immune system with vitamin C / zinc, homeopathic medicine
  • 3x Ozone therapies to stimulate the immune system
  • 3x Oxygen inhalation with stimulation wrap of liver metabolism
  • 1x Mental Coaching (60 minutes)

Coaching & personal training 

  • Individual health diet with creation of your menu plan by a personal nutritionist 
  • 2x Personal Training (60 minutes)
  • 1x Hiking (60 minutes)


  • 1x Full body massage (60 minutes)
  • 1x Lymphatic massage (60 minutes)


  • Daily full board prepared in the Vitalizing Kitchen in accordance with your menu plan (Possible options: vegetarian, vegan, lactose or gluten free or low carb)
  • Your personal Immune host will be at your disposal during the whole stay


  • Up to two fitness activities free of charge each day: Aquagymnastic, Yoga, Qi Gong, Power Workout, Nordic Walking and Hiking
  • House of Wellbeing Villa Stéphanie with Fitness Center, large indoor pool in Roman style, 500 square metres sauna, Plunge pool and Ladies sauna


Subject to availability

7 days Immune Care (excluding accommodation): 3,850 euros per person

Choose 7 nights in your preferred category in our Villa Stéphanie
(Only valid in combination with our Immune Care Programme)

Villa Stéphanie Classic double room (view on the patio, approx. 38 m²) – from 2,961 euros
Villa Stéphanie Superior double room (view on the park, approx. 42 m²) – from 3,717 euros
Villa Stéphanie Deluxe double room (view on the park, approx. 50 m²) – from 4,253 euros
Villa Stéphanie Deluxe Suite (view on the park, approx. 110 m²) – from 22,208 euros

We are looking forward to your reservation via e-mail [email protected] or telephone +49 (0)7221 900 9935.