Physiotherapy and Medical Fitness

Together with a strong team of experienced therapists, we guide you with a holistic concept of physiotherapy and medical fitness. In doing so, we do not work according to a pattern, but tailor customized therapies for you, with which your mental and physical well-being will be permanently increased. As part of a strong medical practice cooperation, we also benefit greatly from our strong partners from Brenners Medical Care, who are available to provide expert medical advice when needed.

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Align your body and mind with treatments such as:

Physical examination
Holistic therapy
Manual therapy
Medical training therapy
Dual therapy
Intermittent Hypoxic Training - IHT
Multimodal treatment for chronic fatigue syndrome (burnout)
Deep stabilization general and high cervical

Our Arrangements

Stimulate your metabolism and regenerate your whole organism. The multimodal program of analysis, naturopathy, exercise, nutrition and relaxation will set your body matrices in motion and give your cells new elasticity.

The Revive Package opens up ways out of the state of chronic exhaustion, out of a burnout. Various body-therapeutic approaches are combined with empowering medico-medical measures. The goal is to regain inner strength and resilience.

Pain slows us down in everyday life and robs much strength and energy. In order to regain this and improve the quality of life, the Orthopedic Package was designed with which you can regain the full vitality of your body.

Liliane Goschy
Private practice for physiotherapy and medical fitness
Tel: +49 (0)7221 7022240
Mail [email protected]

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