Perfect Sauna Day

Relaxing Selftime

Being offline and not thinking about anything is pure relaxation. The relaxing heat of a sauna not only makes your body sweat and quiets your mind, it also has many health benefits: The metabolism is stimulated, the immune system is permanently strengthened and it has a positive influence on the cardiovascular system. The natural aromas that are infused into the sauna are particularly enjoyable. With 500 square metres of space, Villa Stéphanie offers a unique sauna landscape with a Finnish sauna, an organic sauna, a ladies sauna and heavenly spa pools.

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Before sauna session

Before going to the sauna, shower off your body to remove irritating oils from the skin and cleanse your body. Dry skin is better for sweating, so it is important to dry your body well before entering the sauna.


When choosing the right seat in the sauna, keep in mind that temperatures are higher on the upper seating levels than on the lower and middle levels.When you have found a suitable place, place a large towel on the seat so that your skin has no chance to come into contact with the sauna wood. You can decide for yourself how long the sauna session should be and when you want to leave the sauna, depending on how comfortable you feel. A normal sauna session should last between 8 and 12 minutes.

After sauna bath

After each heat session in the sauna, there is a cooling down period. To cool down your respiratory tract, you should go out into the fresh air for one to two minutes, breathe deeply and cool down with a cold refreshing shower afterwards. Please keep in mind that the gentlest way to cool down is from your feet towards your heart. The cooling will cause your blood pressure to rise, which will strengthen and stabilise your cardiovascular system.

Chill Time

A warm foot bath is recommended after the cooling down phase, and you will feel a pleasant warmth again. In the following resting phase, close your eyes and relax for at least ten minutes in the relaxation room. After the sauna session is before the sauna session. When you have relaxed sufficiently, go back to the sauna and start the process all over again.


The body looses about half a litre of water during the sauna in order to detoxify, so you should drink enough after your last sauna session and replenish your fluid loss.

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