Eden-Roc Restaurant

Mediterranean flavour

Presenting a bountiful buffet and a rich menu of local specialties, Eden-Roc Restaurant welcomes you at breakfast and lunch for a flavourful journey overlooking the sparkling blue of the Mediterranean. Morning’s gentle sun caresses the sea-facing terrace, where you can feast on a breakfast of every imaginable delight served with delicate French pastries and artisan breads crafted fresh each day on the premises.

At lunchtime, in addition to the abundant buffet selection, the Chef’s menu offers an array of exclusive dishes, such as the lobster Caesar salad, langoustine pasta, Eden-Roc style sea bass or a refined preparation of the fresh catch of the day. Grilled specialties are also on offer, including veal cutlet or lamb chops cooked to perfection. Don’t forget to save room for pastry chef’s, Tarek Ahamada, immaculate desserts.

For dinner, welcome to LouRoc Restaurant

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Practical information

Opening season


From April 19 to October 20, 2024


Reservations available for non-residents (only for lunch)

Opening hours


From 7.30am to 10.30am


From 12.30pm to 3.30pm

Dress code:

Please be informed that dress code is formal.


+33 (0)4 93 61 56 63


Boulevard JF Kennedy, BP 29 - 06601 - Antibes Cedex

Gourmet creations

True flavour in all its splendour

For over 25 years, we have established strong ties with producers who cultivate exceptional ingredients using traditional methods.

The idea is to keep ingredients natural and whole, as far as possible, and to cook them with a light touch. Quality ingredients are all you need, the rest is simply fluff,” Sébastien Broda, Eden-Roc Restaurant Chef.

A link to the past

"Eden-Roc Restaurant overlooks the grandeur of the Mediterranean and the Lérins Islands, and we were inspired by the seawater crashing on the rocks below. The colour palette showcases ocean blue and coral tones, evoking the sun setting over the water. As a metaphor, these tones illustrate the rich beauty inherent in the passage of time." Patricia Anastassiadis, Architect and Designer

Elegant and sunny ambiance situated between sea and sky

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