The Ultimate Thanksgiving Cocktail

The Gasparti Manhattan

As we celebrate a different style of Thanksgiving this year, Bar Manager Mickael Perron is dedicating The Library Bar's Gaspari Manhattan to our dear friends in the United States of America. 

Mickael explains “The Manhattan is the greatest American cocktail that I know, and invented this some years back, when I was entering a cocktail competition. It was my grandmother Mimi Gaspari’s birthday, but I was missing the celebrations to take part, so I made a drink in tribute. It’s based on a Rob Roy, a Scotch Manhattan, and the rosemary adds a scent of the mediterranean. At the time, not many people were using herbs or spices in drinks, but rosemary is easy to come by. We burn it into the Bénédictine, Blue Blazer-style. The flavour works well with the Scotch, and it gives off a big flame, which creates a sense of occasion – when people see a big glass of ice with fire above it, they want to know what’s going on.”

You can try this cocktail at home:


60 ml Whisky: The BALVENIE CARIBBEAN CASK - 14 years Old Single Malt Whisky

35 ml Vermouth Mix : 25ml PUNT E MES + 5ml Cizanno + 5ml Lillet 

20 ml To Flame: Benedictine 

4 Dashes of Aromatic Bitters

Rosemary, a Generous spring to burn & garnish



~ Pour the whisky, vermouth, bitters in a mixing glass, add ice and stir
~ Use a separate cup, fuse a lighter and flame the rosemary bathing in Benedictine

~ Let it cook until the smell and flames are ready to be transferred to the mixing glass

~ Pour the flame over the iced mixed cocktail, stir gently the rosemary into the drink

~ Fine strain into your glass, pre prepared with a nice ice cube

Glassware & Final Touches

~ Coupe, rocks, any...

~ Orange peel squeezed over the glass, discard

~ Small rosemary spring somewhere with your glass (small wooden peg helps)

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