Tequila Month Celebration


4 October to 2 November 2019

In collaboration with Maestro Dobel Tequila, we turned Mexican for the month of October. Throughout the month, guests enjoyed a range of exclusive cocktails including Sangrita, Mayahuel Margarita and an E-Rock Margarita. View the menu by clicking below. Embracing the Mexican culture, the bar was decorated with altares de muertos (Day of the Dead altars), alongside traditional figurines and calavera. The celebrations ended with a closing party, to mark the cultural celebration weekend of “Día de Muertos” (Day of the Dead) on Saturday 2 November.

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The Lanesborough London Tequila Month Celabratory Costume

Day of the Dead

Saturday 2 November 2019

To culminate our Tequila Month Celebration, a live DJ performed from 8pm to 1am playing the best mix of reggaeton and Mexican styled deep house music. Face painting artists were also on hand to help embrace the traditional colours and vibrancy.

Tequila Month Cocktails

In collaboration with Maestro Dobel Tequila, we guided guests through the rich history and origins of Tequila, told through the story of the exclusive Dobel 50 Tequila blends.
This offered a very rare opportunity to sample Dobel 50 Tequila, with cocktails created by Head Bartender Sofiane Barthélémy.


Experience the original Mexican spirit, Creyente Mezcal, in a red pepper and basil flavored Virgin Mary, served with Gusano salt on the side and a juicy sliced orange.

E-Rock Margarita

Tequila 1800 Reposado shaken on the sour side with an agave and apricot solution, served in a small bottle topped up with a rhubarb and vanilla foam. Can be enjoyed as a single, double or non-alcoholic.

Mayahuel Margarita

Mayahuel is the Aztec goddess of the maguey plant, symbol of fertility. Jose Cuervo Tradicional silver tequila shaken with fresh lime juice, lemon and spice punch and poured over one ice rock in a half salted glass.