The engine of our body is the metabolism. It supplies all functions with energy. Inactivity, crash diets, illnesses, operations and injuries often slow down our metabolism permanently. Our vitality decreases and the body ages faster than the actual years of life.
A special medical-therapeutic program supports the revitalization of the metabolism through a holistic approach.
With detailed diagnostics we determine your vitamin, enzyme and nutrient supply and determine your actual metabolic age.
Based on the body anlayse we create an individual combination therapy consisting of infusion therapies for general body building, hypoxic-oxygen therapy, detoxification, naturopathic measures, nutritional adjustment and a physiotherapeutic program adapted to the current problem.


  • Welcome amenity in your room
  • Vitality cuisine (lactose- and gluten-free), optionally also vegetarian or vegan, including water and tea
  • Initial consultation with body analysis
  • Creation of a menu plan
  • Gait analysis with evaluation
  • Detailed laboratory examination and consultation
  • 2x Body treatment with clay
  • 2x Classic massage
  • 3x Medical Training Therapy and Medical Fitness
  • 6x Holistic Physiotherapy
  • 4x Lymphatic Drainage
  • 1x Dual-Therapy - Here two therapists simultaneously apply impulses, both via reflex zones and movement patterns, to correct disorders in the individual organism
  • 1x Osteokos
  • 2x intensive tissue work - 2x Personal training
  • 4x hypoxic training - high altitude therapy to train cells and improve energy production
  • 1x Aqua Organic Detoxifying Algae Treatment - detoxifying from head to toe. An exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and enhances the detoxification process of the skin, which is intensified by the chlorella algae wrap and heat compresses
  • 1x body analysis test to determine the results at the end of the package
  • Access to Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing with fitness studio, Roman style heated pool, 500 square meter sauna area, plunge pool and ladies spa

€ 9.650 per person (excl. accommodation)

Terms & Conditions

Metabolic Balance (excluding accommodation): € 9.650 per person | In addition, please choose seven nights in your desired category | Arrival: Sunday, programme start: the following day | upon request and depending on availability | Offer valid on request and subject to availability | VAT included. Tourist tax is not included and is payable on site upon departure.

We are looking forward to welcome you and are pleased to receive your reservation via email to
[email protected] or under telephone +49 7221 900 803.