Orthopedics Package

Motion is life. Our body is the key to our mobility.
Quality of life is significantly reduced when the musculoskeletal system no longer functions as it should. Spinal and joint pain reduce performance and mobility. Causes of your pain and what you can do about it will be treated individually in this orthopedic package by our experienced specialist for orthopedics and trauma surgery Dr. George N. Assad In order to create a customized therapy and exercise program for you, your spine, the entire musculoskeletal system and the training status will be analyzed and usually accompanied and supplemented by physiotherapy.

Our 7-day offer includes:

  • Welcome amenity in your room
  • Vitality cuisine (lactose- and gluten-free), optionally also vegetarian or vegan, including water and tea
  • Creation of a menu plan
  • Initial consultation with body analysis
  • Laboratory examination and consultation
  • Orthopedic examination and spine measurement
  • 2x Personal Training
  • 2x Classic Massage, 1x full body massage
  • 5x Medical Training Therapy and Medical Fitness
  • 6x Holistic Physiotherapy
  • 2x Lymphatic Drainage
  • 2x Hypoxic-Training – High altitude therapy for cell training and improvement of energy production
  • 1x clay full body treatment
  • 1x Aqua Organic Detoxifying Algae Treatment - detoxifying from head to toe. An exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and enhances the detoxification process of the skin, which is intensified by the chlorella algae wrap and heat compresses
  • 4x Pneumatron treatments – Pulsation massage increases the flow rate of blood and lymph and supports detoxification
  • 2x comprehensive chirotherapy – Chirotherapeutic measures can be used to successfully treat a variety of functional disorders of the musculoskeletal system. Small, quick impulses to the spine, joints and muscles release blockages and achieve lasting pain-relieving effects
  • 2x Tesergrity-Fascia-Treatment – Through mobilization by special exercises and targeted training we remove any blockages and change the entire range of motion
  • 1x five - the Mobility Parcour – Here, in contrast to the classical stretching, a simultaneous strength load of the muscles is required. This stimulus causes the muscle to learn a new movement pattern and to return to its original length
  • 1x body analysis test to determine the results at the end of the package and final orthopedic consultation
  • Access to Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing with fitness studio, Roman style heated pool, 500 square meter sauna area, plunge pool and ladies spa

€ 10.560 per person (excl. accommodation)

Terms & Conditions

Orthopedic package (excluding accommodation): 10.560 € per person | Please choose additionally 7 nights in your desired category | Start of the arrangement optionally possible on Mondays (arrival on Sundays) or Wednesdays (arrival on Tuesdays) | Offer is valid on request and subject to availability | VAT included. Tourist tax is not included and is payable on site upon departure.

We are looking forward to welcome you and are pleased to receive your reservation via email to
[email protected] or under telephone +49 7221 900 803.