Words and Music Summer Series

Showcasing our wonderful British heritage

To accompany our weekend dining program of West End performances – The Lanesborough will launch a series of 9 theatre performances around the theme of Words and Music each Thursday evening from 7.00pm. Enjoy a range of performances that marry together the worlds of literature and music, showcasing and telling stories of our wonderful British heritage. Taking place each Thursday in the elegant surroundings of The St. George’s or Belgravia Room.  Enjoy a glass of chilled champagne on arrival before taking your seat to enjoy the performance.

Ticket price: £69.00 per person including a glass of Champagne on arrival.  Performance commences from 7.00pm for 1.5 hours.

For Reservations email: PDebattista@lanesborough.com or book online here: 

The Performances

16 July 2020

Don Juan - The Brilliant Irreverence of Lord Byron – Theatre and Music (Guitar)

Acclaimed actor Tama Matheson and guitarist Matt Isaacs have teamed up to co-create a performance extracting the author's life and matched by guitar music of Turina, Pujol, and Tarrega.

'Don Juan' moves seamlessly between the steamy world of the lustful Don, and the equally scandalous life of Lord Byron himself, so each becomes a reflection of the other. As the story progresses it grows difficult to tell where fact ends and fiction begins – as Byron himself famously put it, “truth is strange, stranger than fiction”.

30 July 2020

Music and Migration - Narrator and Flute

This Grand Tour of an idea, takes us through the strange, fascinating, and surprising history of migration, and how enormously, and surprisingly, the idea has shaped Western consciousness. From ancient Greece to the modern day, we see how this curious, and long-misunderstood, idea developed from a few mistaken theories to one of the most powerful forces in human culture and the life of the planet itself.

With an in-depth examination of fascinating historical characters, from Alexander Humboldt - the greatest unknown thinker of the 19th century - to Wordsworth, Goethe, Darwin, and some of the greatest composers, we trace the biography of an idea, and watch how it can thread its way through all of human society and influence us in ways we don't even realise.

13 August 2020

13th August - J.S. Bach - His life and Passions – Theatre and Music (String Quartet)

This play unveils the human face behind the master, and shows us how one of the greatest creative imaginations in history composed his music. Starring xxxxxx this performance encompasses some of Bach most famous pieces including xxxxxx.

JS Bach is regarded as one of the greatest composers of all time. He is celebrated as the creator of many masterpieces of church and instrumental music. His compositions represent the very best of the Baroque era.

For Reservations emailPDebattista@lanesborough.com or book online here: 

Terms & Conditions: Pre-payment is required for the ticket. Cancellation period of 7 days prior, non-refundable within this time.