Salts & Scrubs

from £80 / 30 min

Salt Crystals

The ionising and healing properties of Himalayan salt crystals are harnessed and gently massaged into the skin resulting in rapid exfoliation and the elimination of toxins and tension. A choice of Bliss inducing essential oils (damascena rose otto, jasmine and sandalwood) or Energising and Detoxifying essential oils (lemongrass, juniper berry and lavender) are added to the salty mix to restore equilibrium to body and mind. Glowing skin and a sense of joy is restored.

£130 / 60 min


Fatigue and energy depletion is one of the biggest afflictions plaguing today’s fast-paced society. This precious pearl and jasmine salt crystal scrub has the immediate effect of restoring vitality and energy levels, mental clarity, wellbeing and strength.

£160 / 60 min

Amethyst Wrap

A warm oil painting ritual, an amethyst gel body wrap, plus a face and head massage to relax and balance the nervous system, stimulate circulation, and regenerate skin cells and boost cell growth.