Massages & Body

£155 - £200 / 60 min - 90 min

Deeper Connections Full Body Massage

The magical hands of our therapists can: relax body, mind and spirit in a luxurious and nourishing way or be more dynamic to encourage circulation, tone muscles and stimulate the whole body, restoring energy, using warm oils and targeted deep tissue massages to untie the knots, release the tension and instill calm to troubled physiques.

£155 / 60 min

Lanesborough Classical Back Massage

Concentrated, targeted and designed to relieve blocked spinal and shoulder muscles and energy flow. This massage is offered with a choice of oil or balm.

£160 - £190 / 60 min - 75 min

ila Kundalini Stillness

Ideal for emotionally exhausted souls, this gentle and nurturing treatment has an extraordinarily restorative effect on the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous systems. Mesmeric massage, ancient marma therapy and warm herbal poultices are used on the back of the body, whilst sound healing and chakra balancing lift away tension. 75 minute treatment includes a 15 minute Rose Facial massage.

£205 / 90 min

ila Deep Tissue Potali

Inspired by Ayurvedic healing traditions, ila’s unique earth and fire essential oil blend is applied with rhythmic, fluid massage over the whole body. Heated volcanic stones soothe the muscles while herbal potali bags are saturated in warmed pine, amber and frankincense and worked with rapid movements following the pathways of ida & pingala (feminine & masculine energy). This treatment soothes pain, muscle cramps, stress and old injuries while balancing polarity within the body.

£145 / 60 min

Goldsilk Face Therapy

This powerful treatment encompasses a blend of the world’s most undiscovered ingredients that have been proven to work with the skin to heal and protect from the many natural signs of ageing. Three types of naturally occurring gold and the rarest of frankincense from the gardens of Ethiopia are delivered into the skin with healing massage and sonic wave therapy, instantly increasing collagen levels and reducing cell inflammation. Skin is reprogrammed and relit from within