Tata Harper Treatments

Tata Harper’s Green Indulgence Spa Package

£565 / 290 min

Self-love is the hardest kind to give. Escape your daily cares and pamper yourself with the ultimate experience in natural luxury. Your skin will delight in a toning facial ritual and nutrient-packed body wrap, as our advanced massage techniques lead you into a sensory escape. A nourishing spa manicure and pedicure brings a feeling of deep indulgence and wellness from head to toe.

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Awakening & Energising Body Ritual

£250 / 120 min

Rouse and rejuvenate a tired mind and body with a deeply luxurious full body treatment. First calming the mind with an aromatherapy and singing bowl ritual, this treatment uses a smoothing body scrub and two body masks to buff and brighten the entire body. An energizing massage with redefining body balm leaves skin awakened and glowing. Available with Glow Facial or Scalp and Foot massage.

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Tata Harper Grounding Yogic Facial

£250 / 90 min

This balancing facial elevates both the mind and body. It begins with a grounding singing bowl and aromatherapy treatment, before moving onto a targeted cleansing and masking ritual to address individual concerns on each area of the face. The skin is then soothed, balanced and deeply hydrated with unique yogic face massage techniques. Throughout the ritual, guests will enjoy nourishing scalp, feet and hand treatments to fully rejuvenate both skin and body.

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Tata Harper Sculpting & Define Facial

£195 / 75 mins

This lifting facial helps to achieve new levels of glowing, healthy-looking skin. A double cleanse and mask ritual moves into a targeted lifting facial massage to instantly give the skin a sculpted look. A facial cupping technique, paired with Tata Harper’s most potent Supernatural formulas, tightens and rejuvenates the skin, helping fine lines, wrinkles and sagging to disappear so skin is left glowing and lifted. An aromatherapy treatment and relaxing massage on the scalp and hands perfectly complement this to elevate the experience.

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Tata Harper Illulminating Reset Peel

£195 / 60 min

Tata Harper’s Complexion Reset Peel brightens and revitalises tired, dull skin. The two-step, 100% natural Multi-Acid Peel harnesses the power of three types of hydroxy acids, to turn over dead skin cells and deliver a flawless, refined complexion without any of the harshness or downtime of traditional peels. A finishing hyaluronic acid mask then soothes and replenishes moisture, leaving skin bright and refreshed.

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Tata Harper Cellular Repair Facial

£175 / 60 min

This comprehensive lifting massage tones and tightens tired skin. Beginning with a 360° cleansing ritual, the treatment focuses on a Japanese face massage technique that leaves skin brightened and firm. Cooling and toning therapy on the face is then performed with jade rollers to increase circulation and smooth fine lines, so skin is left fully rejuvenated.

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Tata Harper Manicure

£60 / 50 min

The hands are one of the first places to reveal our age. Pamper yours with the ultimate manicure. A soothing scrub will help you feel rejuvenated while our deeply hydrating mask helps skin look smooth, and youthful.

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Tata Harper Pedicure

£80 / 60 min

Treat your feet to the ultimate pedicure. Your skin will be buffed and polished to perfection, and a nourishing mask will resurface and revitalize this often under-loved area of the body.

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