Manicures & Pedicures

£40 / 30 min

London Dry Manicure

A simple classy manicure using innovative products that require no soaking.

£55 / 45 min

Balmy Silk Manicure

An alchemist’s meadow of a treatment for hands & nails. Essential Oils of Blue Chammomile, Melissa ‘the flower of bees’, Shea Butter and Silk Cocoon actively calm, remove distress, soften skin and reduce splitting nails: Silk Balm-soft hand recovery. Includes polish.

£70 / 45 min

Silk & Salt Pedicure

A pedicure to refine dry, cracked skin. Himalayan salts, Lanesborough Club & Spa balms, Silk DNA body cream and the technical genius of our therapists will leave you with very happy feet.

£60 / 60 min

Nails Inc Glossy Nail Strengh

Sometimes you need a little extra help to improve your nails. Nails inc’s award winning Gel Effect formulation offers a high-gloss, plumped finish. Strong looking glossy nails in one go, you can go as glam or as naturally nude as you like, knowing that your polish won’t chip or fade away. Manicure or Pedicure.

£30 / 15 min

Polish Up

The quickest of fixes to perfectly paint pre-prepared nails or chipped polish. No Gels.