£275 / 90 min

La Prairie Ultimate Rejuvenating Platinum Facial

This ultimate rejuvenating facial transforms all signs of ageing and reduces wrinkles with infusions of pure platinum it will give your skin an immediate tightening look and feel with renewed hydration and luminosity.

£235 / 90 min

La Prairie White Caviar Brightening and Firming Facial

Elegance and efficacy combined, this facial promotes an even skin tone by helping to prevent discoloration and brightening the skin. With the added benefit of the Golden Caviar extracts the skin is firmer and more hydrated. Providing a more illuminated, smoother skin that enhances the complexion.

£210 / 60 min

La Prairie Caviar Lifting and Firming Facial

Pure luxury that instantly lifts and firms skin. Caviar pearls and a Caviar infused face and eye massage transform even the dullest complexions into radiant, luminous skin. A results driven treatment, for all skin types, providing moisture rich hydration, essential nutrients and nourishment, leaving the skin, firmed, toned and silky soft.

£210 / 60 min

Volumising Caviar Facial

A 60 minute treatment that plumps the skin, giving it a more perfect tone and texture. The Absolute Caviar infused face massage transforms the skin into smooth, toned and plumped skin. This volumising, results driven treatment, is suitable to all skin types, providing rich hydration, essential nutrients and nourishment, without the need for fillers.

£250 / 90 min

Lanesborough Absolute Facial

An uplifting facial: with time to focus on the face, neck, eyes. Using a patented FDA approved technology, 3Deep® radiotherapy induces an instantaneous tightening effect as well as the production of new skin cells and collagen over time - this is a much deeper solution to skin ageing. Packed with vitamins and sweet iris stem cells, The Lanesborough’s Iris & Blue Face Serum completes this facial, reducing the destruction of collagen and making this the most absolute of treatments.

£185 / 60 min

Lanesborough Illuminata

A profound facial for targeted lifting, skin rejuvenation, plumping and smoothing that illuminates, nourishes and enhances natural facial contours.