Les Ateliers du Bristol

Les Ateliers du Bristol present the gastronomic know-how perfected in-house every day on the ground floor of Le Bristol Paris. Traditional techniques, some dating back to antiquity, are employed by our talented artisans to create an array of gourmet treasures to be enjoyed all around the hotel.


The ‘Ateliers’ comprise a flour mill, a chocolate factory, a cheese cave and a wine cellar.


[CUT]The flour mill was installed by Executive Chef Eric Frechon in collaboration with master baker Roland Feuillas to give life to heritage wheats like spelt, emmer and Khorasan — all grown organically in France — by milling them fresh to be immediately worked into handmade bread.

Artisan chocolatier Johan Giacchetti oversees the chocolate factory, crafting 3,000 individual delights per week from grand crus cacao including Ecuadorian Jivara, Madagascan Manjari, Caribbean Bahibé, and others, paired with Piemonte hazelnuts, pillowy marshmallow, spices, citrus and vanilla.

The cheese cave houses the very height of French fromage with the richest Comté, the smoothest chèvre, the most delectable camembert, and more, all aging to perfection in a cool, dark, brick walled hideout.

And the adjacent wine cellar is where the sommeliers’ top picks from elite wineries across France and around the globe await their turn to delight the palates of Le Bristol’s discerning diners.

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Les Ateliers

In the heart of the French capital, a mill has been erected at Le Bristol Paris, symbolizing a return to our roots and unique know-how. From this mill comes the "Living bread", 100% natural.

Already a treasure trove of flavour, Le Bristol Paris now welcomes a new addition to its in-house culinary workshops, Les Ateliers du Bristol, with the creation of its very own cheese aging cellar.

Behind the scenes of this Parisian palace is a magical place, bustling with creativity, Le Bristol Paris’ chocolate factory. Here a brigade of world class chocolatiers are crafting artistic delicacies.

After the successful introduction of a traditional mill and bakery, a chocolate factory, a cheese cave and a wine cellar, Le Bristol Paris launches a pasta laboratory, named Il Pastificio, as his fifth atelier in the basement of the hotel.

L'Epicerie des Ateliers du Bristol

With a sensational renovation inspired by the hotel’s illustrious history, L’Épicerie des Ateliers du Bristol becomes a permanent purveyor of culinary craft, from the most essential ingredients to the most extravagant delights.

From basic necessities to the most refined seasonal delicacies, L’Épicerie des Ateliers du Bristol has set out to become a glamorous go-to for all-day items.