Il Pastificio

Le Bristol Paris' Ateliers


After the successful introduction of a traditional mill and bakery, a chocolate factory, a cheese cave and a wine cellar, Le Bristol Paris launches a pasta laboratory, named Il Pastificio, as his fifth atelier in the basement of the hotel.[CUT]

Reinforcing his commitment to excellence, our Chef sought out the very best talent to serve as pasta master for Il Pastificio.

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Cristina Ternullo explores a new gastronomic icon with this workshop entirely dedicated to the delicate art of homemade pasta.

In Rome's Eternal City, she has inherited an age-old savoir-faire passed down by her grandmother. These gestures she now reproduces in the kitchens of Le Bristol Paris.


The treasures of Il Pastificio are also on offer at l'Epicerie. To travel at home, from Sardinia to Tuscany, from Piedmont to Sicily, we ask the grocer for his pack of Gnocchi, Crêtes or Orzos.

And you tell yourself that at the Bristol Paris, La vita è veramente bella.

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L'Epicerie des Ateliers du Bristol

Pasta from the Il Pastificio atelier can also be found at L’Epicerie des Ateliers du Bristol Paris and on click&collect for an authentic taste of Italy, to enjoy at home or to offer as special gifts.


From Wednesday to Sunday, from 10:00am to 7:00pm
114 rue du Faubourg St Honoré