Parisians and visitors from around the world are flocking to Le Bristol Paris’ courtyard garden, Le Jardin Français, and to Café Antonia to savour the Teatime by pastry Chef, Yu Tanaka.

A devotee of the traditional art of French pastry and its ability to consistently delight, Yu Tanaka has imagined a selection of beloved classics crafted to perfection with the finest and most sought-after ingredients.

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Featured alongside a fine selection of teas, coffee or Champagne, the pastry master’s delectable menu comprises an emblematic Le Bristol Paris keychain pastry made [CUT] with pistachio, orange blossom, almond milk and rose; a strawberry tart with vanilla cream; a vanilla religieuse with pecan; classic English scones and aged Caribbean rum-infused canelés. Rich Peruvian chocolate and locally sourced seasonal fruit will be woven delicately into the Chef’s succulent recipes.

On the savoury side, a presentation of freshly made finger sandwiches features a truffle croque-monsieur and the hotel’s much-loved lobster roll.

For a moment suspended in time, and a chance to catch up with friends and loved one, Yu Tanaka’s new take on teatime at Le Bristol promises to be a special source of delicious memories.

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Practical information

Tea Time


from 3:30pm to 5:00pm

Classic Tea Time:

79€ per person

Le Bristol Tea Time with champagne:

95€ per person


+33 (0)1 53 43 43 42