Le Bristol Paris and the Chocolate Factory

Behind the scenes of this Parisian palace is a magical place, bustling with creativity, Le Bristol Paris’ chocolate factory.

Here a brigade of world class chocolatiers are crafting artistic delicacies.

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Chocolate jewels

A bespoke selection of handmade chocolates has been created for each restaurant and bar in the palace, and 25 edible jewels are available in Le Bristol Paris gift boxes, with a limited edition showcase for Christmas.  The chocolates feature silken, seductive flavours such as dark couverture madong chocolate from Papua New Guinea, smoked tea and roasted vanilla, spicy honey or lime ganache. “Each chocolate might be remade ten times before it is perfected for its place on the marble,” says the passionate Johann Giacchetti.

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A tale with two heroes

The story of Le Bristol’s chocolate factory features both Eric Frechon and Johan Giacchetti. “This is a tale about artisans. It is a dedication to indulgence, by two people obsessed with the perfect chocolate.

Johan Giacchetti has been awarded France Chocolate Champion (Coupe de France de la chocolaterie) at only 21 years of age. Later on, he participated in the World Chocolate Masters in 2014. Giacchetti is "a purist".

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