Baden Smile

Health starts in the mouth. The fact that maladies, such as periodontal disease, have a negative effect on the entire organism has already been proven in numerous studies. Our comprehensive examination is an important component of proactive health management, because especially in the case of unexplained general medical diagnoses, the origin often lies in the jaw area. Oral health has a significant impact on performance, stamina and concentration, and has been shown to help prevent an infection with the coronavirus. Within the framework of a scientifically-based overall check-up, your oral health is examined, taking aesthetic and functional aspects into account – so that you shine like the sun over Baden-Baden.



Our 4-day offer includes

  • Welcome amenity in your room
  • Detailed medical history (including evaluation of all previous and external findings)
  • Complete clinical examination of the complete jaw area, inside and outside. (teeth, mucous membranes, jaw, lips, lymph nodes, nerve exit points, etc.)
  • Complete measurement of the periodontium (gingival pockets, tooth loosening, gingival recession, gingivitis – periodontitis risk assessment)
  • Functional diagnostics of the temporomandibular joints and the bite in statics and dynamics
  • X-ray diagnostics (if the previous images are older than nine months) optional Cone-Beam CT (can be booked additionally)
  • Tooth model fabrication, individually mounted in the bite simulator
  • Professional teeth cleaning, including consultation, for a tooth-friendly diet and care (oil pulling, gum hygiene, hygiene of the back of the tongue, etc.)
  • Advice on tooth whitening options (bleaching, veneers, etc.)
  • Detailed final discussion, including handing over of all findings and diagnoses
  • Access to Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing with fitness center, Roman-style swimming pool, 500-square-meter sauna, plunge pool and Ladies Spa

Terms & Conditions

Overnight stay not included, minimum stay: 4 nights


€1.300 per person

The Baden Smile Package (excluding accommodation): 1.300€ per person | Please choose a minimum of 4 days in your preferred category | Offer is valid on request and subject to availability | VAT included. Tourist tax is not included and is payable on site upon departure.

We are looking forward to welcome you and are pleased to receive your reservation via email to
[email protected] or under telephone +49 7221 900 803.