Construction site with taste

In the midst of the exciting modernization work, we are keeping the doors of our restaurant Wintergarten wide open and continue to extend a warm welcome to our valued guests. Despite the activity in the building, our Restaurant Manager, Darius Wieczorek, is still present and welcomes all guests with open arms in the elegant ambience of the restaurant. His incomparable hospitality and commitment to culinary well-being remain unchanged.

Culinary delights in the garden

The new Brenners terrace, nestled in the idyllic surroundings of the Lichtentaler Allee, is now open and warmly awaits our guests.
During the modernization, we moved the terrace from the restaurant Wintergarten to this new one in order to continue to offer our guests a more appealing gastronomic experience. The new terrace not only offers stunning views of the park, but also a relaxed atmosphere that is perfect for dining outdoors and enjoying the ambience of the garden.

Spring look for the Brenners

As part of the ongoing modernization, the Brenners appearance is constantly changing. The aim is to provide the building with optimum protection during the modernization work. The building is now covered with high-quality insulating foil to prevent water from penetrating during the work. At the same time, the film also protects against falling objects and thus contributes to safety.
We are already looking forward to showing you the Brenners in its full splendor.

News from Fritz and Felix

There is also exciting news from Fritz and Felix. Everything is currently in motion there to make room for innovations. The ceilings are being removed to make room for further improvements that will make our customers' experience even more unforgettable. Stay tuned for unique culinary experiences and incomparable comfort.

We are excited about the upcoming weeks and months as we progress with the renovation of our main building. We will keep you updated regularly on the progress and provide you with exclusive insights into the changes our hotel is undergoing.

Don't miss the upcoming updates and stay informed about the exciting transformation of Brenners Park-Hotel.

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