Second Month

Fritz & Felix bid farewell to an extended winter break

Our restaurant, Fritz & Felix, is temporarily closing its doors to make way for the exciting renovations of the main building. 

The entire Brenners team is already looking forward to reopening the doors with Fritz & Felix, eager to welcome you again.

A new entrance, a new reception

The pompous entrance under the red canopy has closed its doors for the time being, but the Brenners has opened its doors for you at another place. The entrance to the hotel and our reception are now located in the Villa Stéphanie.

Demolition work reveals a glimpse of history

The demolition work on the 5th floor is in full swing, and the result is fascinating. The old rooms are no longer recognizable, but instead the basic structures from 150 years of hotel history are revealed. These renovations are not only a modernization, but also a tribute to the roots and traditions that have made Brenners what it is today.

How Our Staff Grows Closer Together

Our reception has been temporarily relocated and our employees have moved closer together. The physical proximity between the reception staff and the spa team at Villa Stéphanie not only promotes efficiency, but also strengthens the sense of team spirit. It is inspiring to see how different departments work together to create a consistent and warm experience for our guests.

We are excited about the upcoming weeks and months as we progress with the renovation of our main building. We will keep you updated regularly on the progress and provide you with exclusive insights into the changes our hotel is undergoing.

Don't miss the upcoming updates and stay informed about the exciting transformation of Brenners Park-Hotel.

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