Steel, concrete and Kühn: our technical manager at work

With Siegbert Kühn in the team, every nail becomes a statement. In the middle of the modernization of our main building, Siegbert is proving to be an irreplaceable anchor. Like an experienced site manager, he holds the fort and ensures that every screw, every beam and every stone is in place. His technical know-how and reliability make him the indispensable master builder of our project.

Brenner's shield floats away to the warehouse

In the midst of the modernization work, the unmistakable Brenners sign was carefully moved from the construction site to the external storage facility. This temporary relocation serves to protect and preserve the symbol from the uncertainties of our construction phase. It will remain there patiently until the work is complete. Afterwards, the sign will take its well-earned place at the renovated Brenners.

Leading the way through change

Along the paths in our garden, our new waymarkers show you the right direction. Take a close look, because they not only point the way to the restaurant Wintergarten and the spa, but also to our longstanding sister hotels such as Le Bristol Paris and Eden Rock St. Barths.

Brenners in a silver robe

The side of the Brenners facing the Lichtentaler Allee has now also been completely wrapped. A glance at the new scaffolding gives an idea of how quickly the modernization is progressing and arouses anticipation for an even more impressive version of the Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa.
A new era is dawning stay tuned for more insights into the exciting metamorphosis of a Grandhotel.

We are excited about the upcoming weeks and months as we progress with the renovation of our main building. We will keep you updated regularly on the progress and provide you with exclusive insights into the changes our hotel is undergoing.

Don't miss the upcoming updates and stay informed about the exciting transformation of Brenners Park-Hotel.

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