First Month

Reaching for the skies

As a significant milestone in the construction process, the arrival of an impressive crane on the hotel premises took place. With the yellow giant, the construction work will quite literally soar to new heights.

A Shield for the Old - a Canvas for the New

The construction of the scaffolding continues.Additionally, elevators have been installed in the scaffold to facilitate access for the craftsmen and restorers to different levels.

Safely Tucked Away for the Future

Meanwhile, a substantial and carefully curated selection of the hotel's valuable furniture has been stored in an external warehouse to protect it from the construction work. These exquisite pieces, embodying the history and charm of Brenners Park-Hotel, will find their place in the hotel once the renovation is completed, continuing to be the centerpiece of the timeless elegance of the Brenners

Temporary Home: New Arrivals at House Anstett

During the renovation, all offices temporarily moved from the main building to the opposite administrative building, House Anstett. Among the newcomers were Managing Director Henning Matthiesen and his assistant, Iris Brandt.
We are genuinely looking forward to an even closer collaboration, in every sense of the word.

We are excited about the upcoming weeks and months as we progress with the renovation of our main building. We will keep you updated regularly on the progress and provide you with exclusive insights into the changes our hotel is undergoing.

Don't miss the upcoming updates and stay informed about the exciting transformation of Brenners Park-Hotel.

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