Become one of the 11 privileged members of Le Club l'H3ritage at Le Bristol Paris

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To join this exclusive club, it is necessary to possess one of the 11 NFT keys, The Bristol Unlocked.

Contact us for more information and to become a member. 

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5 years membership and its perks

As a Member, benefits from dedicated and exclusive perks, to enjoy and discover Le Bristol Paris as nobody else did before you. 

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The rooftop swimming pool

Enjoy a weekly access to the rooftop swimming pool, usually reserved exclusively for hotel guests. (for two)

VIP Events

Invitation to VIP events at Le Bristol Paris throughout the year (Garden Party, Christmas Cocktails, etc.) (for two).

Secret signature dishes

Access to our Chef's seasonal secret dishes

Secret cocktails

Access to secret cocktails at Le Bristol Bar

Signature products

Dedicated and personalized Signature products


Whitelisting for future activations and collaborations

A unique reward, allowing you to discover the behind-the-scenes of the hotel with our most talented craftsman.

A night in one of our Signature Suite

To fully immerse yourself in Le Bristol Paris experience, enjoy a night in one of our 11 Signature Suites, American breakfast, early arrival and late departure included.


Owning one of the 11 NFTs from the Le Bristol Unlocked Collection means being the owner of a unique digital artwork that grants access to exclusive benefits. The uniqueness lies in the fact that each NFT is indivisible, having a digital signature that sets it apart from any other.

The NFT Le Bristol Unlocked key is for sale in ETH cryptocurrency or FIAC currency, worth €15,000.

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What is a blockchain?

A blockchain is a database relying on a decentralized system based on cryptography, which lists transactions organized in a sequence of blocks, with each transaction validated by series of calculations. Known as tamper-proof and the basis of cryptocurrencies, they can establish smart contracts as well.

What is an NFT?

Non-fungible token, a unique digital tamper-proof property which cannot be interchanged and is certified through the Blockchain.

Which blockchain will be used?

We are using the Ethereum blockchain.

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is a decentralized blockchain platform that enables secure execution and verification of smart contracts, allowing participants to transact peer-to-peer without a trusted central authority. Ether, which is Ethereum's native cryptocurrency, is used to pay for certain activities on the Ethereum network.

What is a mint?

It is the act of forging or creating an NFT and registering it on a blockchain. It is the same principle as minting a coin in real life.

Why is Le Bristol creating l'H3ritage?

Le Bristol Paris is enthusiastic to announce its exclusive entry into the Web3 ecosystem. As the first hotel of its standing to expose itself to blockchain and cryptocurrencies, Oetker Collection’s Masterpiece Hotel in the heart of Paris seeks to embrace its legacy as a house of distinction as it disrupts traditional codes to meet demand for increased connectivity and experiential community.

By taking this pioneering step forward into the digital future, Le Bristol Paris’ objective is to create experiences that expand the hotel’s influence and offer new ways to interact with its extraordinary art de vivre.

With this approach, Le Bristol wishes to shake up the codes of the luxury hotel industry, to explore a new playground with extraordinary possibilities. It's also a new way to interact with our customers and a new community.

It was important for us to keep a tangible experiential value behind each NFT, to give it legitimacy, and ultimately to put technology at the service of our know-how and the excellence of our craftsmen.

I am interested in joining l'H3ritage club, how can I do that?

In order to become a member of l'H3ritage, you must possess one of the 11 exclusive Le Bristol Unlocked NFTs.

The mint is live and each NFT is valued 8ETH

How can I own a Le Bristol Unlocked NFT?

Step 1: Register following the KYC link below:

Step 2: If your KYC has been validated, you have now access to the drop and you can mint your own exclusive Le Bristol Unlocked NFT by following the link below: 

Why should I buy l'H3ritage NFT?

Each NFT owner is granted membership to Le Bristol’s L’H3ritage Club.

Privileges such as anytime access to dedicated and secret menus at the hotel’s restaurants and weekly access to its fabled rooftop swimming pool (normally open to guests only) will be proposed among other perks. In addition, each NFT unlock doors to one of 11 rewards encompassing ‘money-can’t-buy’ experiences never offered before by Le Bristol.

The NFTs are minted on a secure blockchain, ensuring their authenticity and providing a transparent record of ownership.


Should you need further information or any assistance, kindly send us an email to: [email protected]

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