Corporate Social Responsability

Privileged and socially responsible

One of the greatest luxuries we offer our guests is the opportunity to participate in many small initiatives towards the greater good. For this Le Bristol has been awarded the prestigious "Green Globe Certification" and "Entreprise du Patrimoine Vivant" (Enterprise of Living Heritage), a French mark of excellence reflecting our social as well as environmental view to the future.

Bee Green Team

The Corporate Social Responsibility policy is managed by our dedicated Bee Green team, made up of 12 members representing all professions in the hotel.

Consume Responsibly

When staying at Le Bristol Paris, you have the option of not changing your bed and bath linen daily. This action is part of our desire to protect the environment and enables significant savings in water and energy.

The cosmetic brand Tata Harper has taken over of one of our treatment room to offer high-end, 100% natural products from their own plantations.

An insect hotel has been built in the garden, along with 6 rooftop beehives which in 2017 produced 198 kg of a delicious honey.

Our goal is to minimize our production of waste. For the remaining waste, we work with an external company which is permanently on site in order to improve the sorting and recycling. Each garbage bag is opened, to separate the different types of waste. They are then recovered, weighed and revalued.

Each year, during the Earth Hour, more than 1000 candles are lit to light the hotel's lobby and restaurants, thanks to the support of CIR company. The facade is also off. Also, 95% of the Bristol’s lighting is LED.

Chef Eric Frechon brings a flour mill to the centre of Paris, and puts 100% natural ‘Living bread’ back onto the gastronomic table.

Aquaclean technology is a revolutionary treatment that removes stains using just water. It is an advanced protection for the furniture's fabric. This treatment covers each fiber with an invisible molecular layer that prevents dirt from entering the fabric.

Le Bristol Paris equipped its parking with charging stations for electric vehicles: Porsche, Tesla, BMW and an universal one.

In 2017 the hotel carried out a carbon assessment in order to assess its situation. It was thus possible to identify the most emitting sources of greenhouse gaz, and to implement methods for reducing these emissions.

Green energy

Le Bristol Paris recently changed its electricity supplier and contracted a renewable energy one.
New and more efficient cold unites have been installed to significantly reduce water and electricity consumption.
All our classic bulbs have been replaced by LED.

Social responsibility

We collect soaps for the Anacaona association. They are then recycled and distributed in France to people in need and then sold to support the employment of people with disabilities.

Provide the guest with the possibility to donate their clothes to charity.

In the employees' locker rooms, we have installed collection boxes for tights. The Red Cross then comes to collect them for recycling in bandages and band aids. Each year, almost 10 kg of tights are recycled thanks to this.

Pascal Mathieu

In our Eden Being shop you can find glasses from Pascal Mathieu –Mont Blanc.

When purchasing a pair of sunglasses from this brand, 10 pairs are distributed to the Nepalese.
You can also give away your old sunglasses so that they can be collected by the association.

Join Le Bristol Paris

Well being at work

Each year, the employees' children celebrate the traditional children's party at Le Bristol Paris. They enjoy various activities, shows, workshops, dances ... Santa Clause makes his appearance for a photo shoot and give away gifts.

Concerned about the well-being and health of its employees, Le Bristol Paris has dedicated to them a fully equipped gym.

Each month an employee is elected "employee of the month" and thus receives a bonus, a diploma and is invited to lunch at the brasserie 114 Faubourg, 1 Michelin star, in the company of the Management Committee. The employee of the month also competes for the election of the "employee of the year", who wins a 5-day stay in the Oetker Collection hotel of his choice, all expenses paid.

Gender parity

Each year, companies of 50 employees or more have to publish their gender parity score. 

At Le Bristol Paris, we are proud to score 78% for this index. 

This year, on the occasion of Pink October, a dozen employees from Le Bristol Paris participated in the Odyssea race, which supports the fight against breast cancer.

Le Bristol Paris has set up one vegetarian meal per month at the staff cafeteria, in order to reduce meat and fish consumption, and thus reduce the impact on the environment It is a known fact that farming is responsible for great greenhouse gas emissions, high water consumption and massive deforestation.

In order to reduce the use of single-use plastic, Le Bristol Paris acquired water bottles for employees and set up fountains to cover the water requirement of all services. 600 water bottles were distributed and 17 fountains were installed to facilitate the supply of employees.

Sustainable purchasing policy

Each of our suppliers is carefully questioned in order to know their CSR approaches.

The goal of Bristol Paris is to reach 100% of suppliers committed to eliminating all single-use packaging.