Immun Care-Package 7

The past months have shown us how incredibly valuable our physical immune competence is. With the Recovery/Immun Care Package, the team led by Head of Medical Care Dr. Harry F. König is developing an integrative holistic immune booster procedure for you to stabilize and strengthen your individual health, especially after infections and their after-effects.

For the sustainable strengthening of our immune system, the programme is designed as an effective aftercare after infections as well as a protection against renewed infections. Based on the individual medical results and diagnoses, your nutritionist will accompany you with a health diet tailored to your needs. Your personal spa and exercise plan is developed and implemented together with you. The goal is to strengthen your personal and best possible health. The elegant surroundings of the luxurious and innovative Villa Stéphanie and the backdrop of the legendary Brenners Park-Hotel & Spa in the magnificent private park on the world-famous Lichtentaler Allee provide the ideal location for this.

Our 7-day offer includes:

  • Welcome amenity in your room
  • Vitality cuisine (lactose- and gluten-free), with individual menu plan, optionally also vegetarian or vegan, including water and tea
  • Medical consultation to individualize your recovery procedure including blood test and laboratory diagnostics to analyce your blood values
  • 1x Bio Impedance Analysis (BIA). To determine the water percentage, fat content and muscle mass of your body
  • 3x Infusion to strengthen your immune system with vitamin C zinc and homeopathic medicines
  • 3x Ozone - the therapy strengthens the body's defenses and the oxygen transport in the blood bodies is optimized
  • 2x Guided hike
  • 2x Full body massage
  • 1x Classical facial treatment
  • 1x Morning feet bath
  • 1x Aqua Organic Detoxifying Algae Treatment - detoxifying from head to toe. An exfoliation stimulates blood circulation and enhances the detoxification process of the skin, which is intensified by the chlorella algae wrap and heat compresses
  • 1x Forest bathing
  • 2x Yoga training
  • 1x Qigong
  • 3x Liver wraps, which stimulate metabolism
  • 1x VNS measurement, Wegamed, pulmonary function test - VNS measurement (heart rate variability measurement) measures the heart rate and the activity of the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system. Wegamed: detection of interference fields in the body. Pulmonary function test: Checking the lung function
  • 1x Heart ultrasound and stress ECG - ultrasound of the heart and analysis of the cardiovascular system
  • 1x Retest of the body analysis
  • 2x Airnergy - active oxygen is inhaled through the Airnergy device, enriching the tissues with oxygen and providing regenerative support
  • 2x Hypoxic-Training – High altitude therapy for cell training and improvement of energy production
  • 2x Respiratory therapy
  • 2x Medical Training Therapy and Medical Fitness
  • Access to Villa Stéphanie Spa & Wellbeing with fitness studio, Roman style heated pool, 500 square meter sauna area, plunge pool and ladies spa

7 Nights 12.300 € (excl. accommodation)

Immun Care-Package (excluding overnight stay): 12.300 € per person | Please choose 7 nights in your desired category | Package starts on Mondays (arrival on Sundays) | Offer is valid on request and subject to availability | VAT included. Tourist tax is not included and is payable on site upon departure.

We are looking forward to your reservation via e-mail [email protected] or telephone +49 (0)7221 900 803.