Sustainable development

Château Saint-Martin & Spa, an Oetker Collection gem, decided long ago to adopt a strategy for employee wellbeing and environmental sustainability. As a company with rigorous standards of excellence, who depends on the happiness of its employees and who welcomes guests from all over the world, we take our Corporate Social Responsibility objectives seriously and update them every year.

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Preserving biodiversity

Château Saint-Martin & Spa enjoys a rich natural heritage that must be protected.

The hotel is a partner of the League for the Protection of Birds (LPO) and participate to the protection of endangered local species and more particularly to safeguard an emblematic bird of the region, the shrike.

Championing human rights

Gender Equality

Château Saint-Martin & Spa performs social indicator analysis in order to guarantee equality among its employees.


Each employee has access to a range of training modules to help develop skills that are aligned with the company's needs. Through the trainings, employees can broaden their knowledge.

Employee wellbeing

The hotel is very focussed on employee wellbeing. A quiet resting room was created for employees to use during breaks.

Gender equality index

As of March 1, 2023, the gender equality index at Château Saint-Martin & Spa has reached 82/100 points, distributed as follows: 40/40 (indicator: pay gap), 25/35 (indicator: individual increase gap), N/A (indicator : percentage of employees receiving a raise after returning from maternity leave) 5/10 (indicator: number of employees of the under-represented gender in the top 10).

Gender equality in the workplace is a priority for all Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotels. Château Saint-Martin & Spa’s ambition is to increase this level in the future and to make equality the standard, ensuring the collective enrichment of the hotel’s talented teams.


Responsible consumption

Insect hotel

An insect hotel is installed in the garden — a fun tool for teaching children about natural habitats.


Each season, beehives are set up on the grounds. They are inhabited by bees that produce a fragrant homemade honey.


Following an audit by our partners at the League for Bird Protection, birdhouses were installed on the grounds to help develop local flora and fauna.


Our goal is to reduce waste to a strict minimum. Château Saint-Martin & Spa conducts daily efforts to ensure responsible waste conversion and reduction.

Green energy

Château Saint-Martin & Spa relies on hydropower for 50% of its electricity consumption. All incandescent light bulbs have been replaced by LED light bulbs.

Upcycled Pouch

In a desire for a circular economy and in partnership with a local seamstress, Château Saint-Martin & Spa recovers its fabrics to give them a second life and offers you vintage clutch bag available at the boutique "Made by Château Saint-Martin & Spa".

Sustainable purchasing policy

We conduct detailed research on our suppliers to learn about their CSR strategy. Château Saint-Martin & Spa's goal is to work solely with suppliers who commit to eliminating the use of single-use packaging.

Greenhouse gas emissions

Each year the hotel publishes a Greenhouse Gas Emissions Report. This makes it possible to identify the greatest sources of greenhouse gasses and to establish methods for the reduction of emissions.

Environmental awareness

CSR trainings

All of our collaborators receive training each season on the sustainable development initiatives happening internally.

Giving Bag

The Giving Bag provides guests with an opportunity to donate their unwanted clothing to a charity.


Our boutique favours brands and products that meet sustainability criteria with regards to sourcing, production and materials.

Kitchen garden

Our gardeners maintain a vegetable and herb garden that supply ingredients for dishes in our restaurants and smoothies and bars.

Commitment to sustainable communities


We favour local producers, which is a commitment to the rich agricultural heritage of our region.


Château Saint-Martin & Spa has formed a partnership with the League for Bird Protection to protect local species under threat of extinction. The hotel has been named an LBP Refuge (Refuge LPO©).


Château Saint-Martin & Spa makes a number of material donations throughout the season to our partners at the Red Cross in Vence.