2024 Art Exhibition

We are pleased to host the work of rising British artist Georgia Tucker in our gallery throughout the 2024 season. Entitled "Sentia", this exhibit was created exclusively for the Château based on Georgia Tucker's inspirations collected during an extended stay with us. Conceived to engage the senses, the works include paintings, vases, a series of sketches and collages, as well as window treatments that recall the stained-glass windows of Henri Matisse at the nearby Chapelle du Rosaire in Vence.

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Georgia Tucker

As an artist and designer, Georgia Tucker is known for her immersive, sensory experiences that incorporate diverse media including painting, sculpture and large-scale installations involving virtual and augmented reality. Deeply committed to sustainability in both the creation of her works and the themes they evoke, the artist has exhibited internationally and collaborated with the BBC, Arts Council England, Microsoft and others.

“I want those who enter my chapel to be purified and relieved of their burdens.”

-Henri Matisse


Inspired by the feeling of being 'embraced by nature' at Château Saint-Martin & Spa, Georgia Tucker has transformed the gallery and marble corridor into a sensorial experience that echoes her deep communion with the hotel's natural surroundings and exquisite gardens full of olive trees, citrus, roses and herbs. Across a series of 14 paintings and 4 vases and 2 stained-glass, accompanied by original poetry framed to dialogue with the artworks, the artist has skilfully translated the rich colours and tranquil mood of the Château into an imaginary world shaped by the sensations familiar to those who have made the transformative journey to our grounds.

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