The History of

Hotel La Palma

Discover the history of this iconic address in Capri.

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The first owner of the property began a register of guests. Several artists stayed and used drawings, paintings and other artworks as a form of payment and gratitude.


Discovery of the iconic Blue Grotto of Capri by two hotel guests named August Kopisch and Ernst Fries, and a local sailor, Angelo Ferraro.


First expansion of the inn under the name Hotel Vittoria. It would then became Hotel Pagano.


Hotel Pagano was sold and renamed Hotel La Palma by the new owners.


Hotel La Palma was sold and completely reconstructed.


Reuben Brothers acquired the hotel and entrusted the management to Oetker Collection.


After a top to bottom refurbishment by award-winning interior designer Francis Sultana, Hotel La Palma reopened its doors with 50 rooms, three restaurants, a spa and an elegant beach club in Marina Piccola. The most iconic hotel is set to write its next fascinating chapter...

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