The History of

The Vineta Hotel

The Vineta Hotel, a reimagined Palm Beach landmark.

Paying homage to the hotel’s legacy, Oetker Collection will bring back The Vineta name, heralding a bold new chapter in the property’s nearly 100-year history.

Originally opened as the Lido-Venice during the real estate boom in 1926, it was shortly thereafter renamed The Vineta and remained so for the next fifty years. A brief period as a condo in the 1980s followed, before the property would reemerge in its most recent incarnation, The Chesterfield, in 1989. With its distinct pale-pink façade, it is a quintessential example of Mediterranean Revival architecture which Palm Beach is renowned for.

The landmark building will be reborn as The Vineta Hotel with a top-to-bottom renovation led by Paris-based interior designer Tino Zervudachi. Reducing the room count from 57 to 41 to allow for a more generous sense of space, the hotel will offer a range of accommodations featuring fresh and bright interiors.

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