Oetker Collection UN Global Compact Active Signatory report

Oetker Collection UN Global Compact Active Signatory report

In view of the ratification of the Paris Climate Agreement and the UN Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development, Oetker Collection is committed in all its actions to contributing to the achievement of these two goals.

We are aware of the fact that our guests are not only consumers but also citizens who are concerned about the future of our planet too, some of them being deeply committed to defending environmental and social causes.

Our Collection currently counts 11 exceptional hotels, located in Europe, the Caribbean and Brazil. Being part of Oetker Collection produces a standardised framework, which defines a vision, values and responsibility principles that are shared by all establishments, synonymous with a respect for humankind as well as nature and all its species. The value we share with our guests brings us together.

Our business model is very simple and yet extremely demanding: to provide our guests with a flawless service in a refined backdrop and ensure that their stay is an experience they will look back upon with pleasure.

Our commitment in favour of Social Responsibility, which contributes to Sustainable Development, extends beyond a simple stance.

It is directly related to our business model.

It is a strategic lever.

It is an instrument to drive change.

It is distributed to all the operational and functional departments, which are on the front line (a dedicated CSR structure to provide a driving force in playing an expert & coordinating role).

It is understood and embraced by all employees.


Timo Gruenert

Chief Executive Officer


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