5 Perfect Days - Day 5

Day 5 - Last but not least

Guided nature walk through the tropical jungle

Learn about the island’s conservation programmes and the indigenous flora and fauna on a Nature Walk with our Conservation & Ecology team.


Breakfast in a banyan tree house

Up in the boughs of the island’s oldest banyan tree, you will discover a wonderful treehouse. Juice, bread and coffee are delivered by pulley, allowing you to relish an unforgettable breakfast in the heart of a tropical forest.

Scuba diving

Learn how to breathe underwater with an introduction to scuba diving in the privacy of your villa pool. Now that you are acquainted with the dive gear, your first dive will take place in the most beautiful location imaginable: the Indian Ocean.


Créole Cuisine at the historic Plantation House

Why not choose our historical Plantation House to experience yet another unique dinner. It is the ideal location to reflect on the events of the day while appreciating an aromatic Créole dish.

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