Reptile Explorers

December 2017

Island of 3,000 Giants

As you come into land on Fregate Island Private your pilot may have to buzz the airstrip to encourage a 400 kilo goliath to move out of the way. From a few hundred Giant Aldabra Tortoises we are now home to more than 3000, making one of the largest colonies in the world on our Galapagos of the Seychelles.


Tortoise Nursery

There are babies of all sizes in the nursery from a few centimetres that sit in the palm of your hand, to a few feet in length, and the rest roam free over the island. Each day presents a new encounter with these benign goliaths as they doze on the paths, munch beneath star fruit trees and mate noisily in the shrubs.

Sea Turtles

Fregate Island is also home to both the critically endangered Hawksbill Turtle and the endangered Green Turtle. Every nesting season from October to January, our conservation team safeguard and monitor the several hundred nests on the island’s shores, and guests can join ecologists on the beaches to ensure the turtle eggs hatch successfully.


Watching the hatchlings make their progress to the sea is one of the wonders of the world as they brave predators and hazards, from driftwood to a deep footprint in the sand. Fascinating facts are shared by our ecologists, such as a turtle’s sex being determined by the temperature in the nest; higher temperatures above 29 degrees produce females, and lower temperatures develop into males. We welcome all explorers to our Galapagos of the Seychelles.


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