Ocean Explorers

January 2018

Above and below our Seychelles seas

Fregate Island Private is surrounded by pristine seas teaming with colourful fish and coral, inviting exploration and sport. You can take a boat out or simply slip into the sea from two of our beaches and swim a few minutes out to a reef, soon you will be enveloped in a sunlit cloud of yellow unicorn fish or a manta ray may glide past.

Clean ocean

We take great care of our surrounding seas, working alongside nature’s own environmental team. Underwater you could come across a grazing turtle playing its vital role in the ecosystem, removing overgrown seagrass which shades the bottom and causes mould growths. Or you might hear the rhythmic munch of parrot fish eating algae off coral, keeping it clean and healthy.

Under the sea

We have our own dive centre and our dive masters know just where to drop you into an open aquarium. Experienced ocean explorers will know that the reefs at night offer a special sort of excitement, the sea is transformed as nocturnal creatures come out, like the lion and squirrel fish, which are red to merge with the darkness, or molluscs which are too tasty to appear in the day, while diurnals huddle in the rocks to sleep.

Over the sea

We have our own Yacht Club with private harbour, a flotilla of hobie cats and four sports boats so you can go further off shore and try some deep sea fishing, Fregate Island is the nearest to the Drop Off where the sea bed falls away to a thousand meters. Fishing along the abyss is some of the best in the world being feeding grounds for Amberjacks, Yellowfin Tuna and Striped Marlin. We welcome all explorers to our Galapagos of the Seychelles.


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