Day 2

Nature and art, São Paulo's 5th Avenue, dinner with a view and a classical concert

Ibirapuera Park

Start your morning in one of the main natural attractions in town: Ibirapuera Park. Inside its more than 1.5 million square meters, the park offers several options to visitors such as MAC, MAM and the Afro Museum. The park itself was designed by the famous Oscar Niemeyer and Roberto Burle Marx. Top off the experience with a natural coconut water as you take in the view of the central lake.

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São Paulo's 5th Avenue

A few minutes from Ibirapuera, you will be in one of the busiest districts in town: the Jardins. The neighbourhood is very complete and offers loads of options for shopping, tasting, arts and business. Start by visiting the famous MASP (Museum of Arts of São Paulo) and delight yourself with its modern and contemporary collection. For lunch, stop by D.O.M., offering an intriguing menu signed by Chef Alex Atala. After lunch, enjoy a unique shopping experience at the Fifth Avenue of São Paulo: Oscar Freire Street. The best Brazilian stylists are here, and you can renew your wardrobe with beautiful pieces.


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After a full immersion into São Paulo’s culture, peace and calm are a must. Make your way to Flora Spa to revitalize your body and recover your spirit. After a rejuvenating treatment, you will be ready for what’s next.

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São Paulo State Symphonic Orchestra

An evening of music begins at Sala de Concerto São Paulo, where the moveable ceiling is designed to adapt to performances, giving the hall a worldwide reputation for extraordinary acoustics. The neoclassical building was built in the 1930s as a railway station. Today, it is home to the highly regarded São Paulo State Symphonic Orchestra.

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São Paulo Gastronomy

Paulistas typically dine at 9pm, so the city’s culinary offering is in full swing after the concert. Restaurants are entertainment for Paulistas, who love food and drive chefs to ever greater heights. São Paulo is home to one of the world’s Best Female Chefs, Brazilian Helena Rizzo, from the minimalist and original restaurant Maní. Paulistas tend to dress up, so get ready for an elegant and entertaining evening.

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For after dinner music, Sampa is always open. Try the award-winning Madeleine Jazz Bar which serves jazz of the best quality in a charming environment, or Casa de Francisca for local samba, Chorinho and bossa nova rhythms. For more adventurous sounds try, Jazz nos Fundos in the bohemian Vila Madalena.

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