Tata Harper Signature Treatments

We are delighted to be the first spa in Antigua and Barbuda to welcome the globally loved ‘Queen of Green Beauty’, Tata Harper. You can experience Tata’s 100% natural and all-organic, custom created treatments and rituals, as well as purchase a full range of products from our spa boutique.

Tata Harper has worked with our spa team to create a menu of signature treatments, just for you.

Liquid Gold Organic Massage by Tata Harper

antioxidants, massage
$220 / 60 min

Experience total relaxation during this soothing massage as a serum of organic herbs delivers vitamins, nutrients and antioxidants that will leave your skin feeling soft and nourished. Circulation-boosting massage techniques relax your body and senses and leaves your skin looking perfectly balanced and truly radiant.

Traveler’s Recovery Facial by Tata Harper

ultimate skin care
$185 / 60 min

Revitalize travel-weary or tired skin with this energizing ritual. Your skin will be purified and perfected with a deep-cleanse, designed to purge aging and environmental aggressors from the surface. Gentle stimulation from advanced massage techniques improves microcirculation and encourages natural detoxification, reversing the look of fatigue and leaving skin soft, smooth, and refreshed.

Moisture Infusion Facial by Tata Harper

ultimate skin care, hydration
$200 / 60 min

Quench thirsty or sensitive skin with this calming therapeutic treatment, designed to replenish skin to give you a soft, supple, and lifted look. Combining deep-moisturizing formulas with our Raw Organic Honey Mask, this treatment will give your skin essential hydration for long-lasting comfort.

Sun Relief Facial by Tata Harper

hydrating, ultimate skin care
$185 / 60 min

Soothe and calm sun-baked or delicate skin with this gentle and relaxing ritual. Your skin will feel pampered and renewed with our nourishing and calming treatments, helping to enhance your radiant glow.

Men’s Workout Recovery by Tata Harper

$205 / 90 min

Restore tired muscles and detoxify your skin with this full body treatment. Our buffing Body Scrub and a deeply cleansing back mask remove surface impurities, while a restorative massage soothes sore muscles, leaving you feeling relaxed and energized.