Signature Island Journeys

Combining a selection of signature experiences, these
transformative, island-inspired journeys are designed to elevate
your overall well-being. All treatments are enhanced with
healthy refreshment and revitalizing seasonal beverages.

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Ley Ley

scrub, massage, scalp treatment
$465 / 150 min

Tranquil surroundings allow you to embrace the natural rhythms of the island and ley the day away. This peaceful ritual begins with an exfoliation followed by a rhythmic massage to soothe the muscles. To quiet your mind and restore inner balance, an infusion of neem and eucalyptus is poured on your forehead before you receive a nourishing scalp treatment and cranial massage.

Soul Surrender

massage, wrap, facial, scalp
$660 / 180 min

This multi-treatment encourages detoxification and lymphatic flow and aids those who are suffering from insomnia. Your treatment will begin with dry brushing to prepare the skin to receive the benefits of the wrap, while enjoying the luxury of a facial and an intense continuous pouring of warm herbal oils to stimulate the scalp massage. Your treatment completes with a relaxing full body massage.