Body Indulgences

Replenish, rejuvenate and rehydrate your entire being with our Body Indulgence treatments. These detoxifying treatments will help restore your skin's balance and use elements from nature like golden algae, nectars and organic and biodegradable body scrubs to keep you in harmony with nature. 

Ocean Odyssey

$130 / 60 min

Combining the benefits of mint and minerals from the sea, this restorative treatment provides the skin with essential nourishment, leaving it silky and luminous in appearance. Ingredients from the deepest depths of the ocean gently purify and recharge the skin.

Siren’s Song Wrap

$120 / 60 min

This glamorous therapy envelops the body in golden algae to enrich, beautify and protect the skin. Afterwards, an emulsion of golden nectar leaves the skin supple and shimmering in an alluring veil of gold.

Serenity Ritual

$175 / 60 min

Experience total relaxation with this comforting ritual. A top to bottom buffing with our powerful, biodegradable Body Scrub leaves skin smooth, supple, and perfectly polished. Slip into a sense of peaceful serenity during a soothing massage with our luxurious body oil for a complete sense of rejuvenation and well-being.

Island Whispers

scrub, wrap, massage
$175 / 90 min

Layer upon layer of powerful botanical ingredients are combined in the most luxurious of treatments to restore your skin’s natural tone and luster. This beautiful skin treatment pairs a body exfoliation and wrap followed by a massage leaving the skin richly hydrated, smooth and soft.