Unfurl, release and restore your entire being with our massage therapy treatments. Our therapeutic  techniques will ease you into deep relaxation; temper fatigued muscles and increase physical well-being.   

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Restorative Signature Massage

$245 / 60 min

This full-body, massage treatment focuses specifically on treating discomfort such as chronic muscle tension and employs a variety of techniques to target stiffness. Choose between heated basalt stones or bamboo and incorporate Swedish techniques to relax fatigued muscles and stimulate blood flow. Your therapist will guide you through a customized experience specifically to address your concerns.

Herbal Poultice Massage

$330 / 90 min

A centuries-old massage with a local twist. Enjoy a relaxing massage with warm herbal poultices to restore harmony, loosen tight muscles and stimulate blood flow and energy. Our herbal poultices are hand-crafted using our own local blend of herbs that are wrapped in muslin and steamed. Steam heating allows the release of natural essential oils and aromas from the herbs and spices to help promote deep relaxation, reduced stress and fatigue, increased physical wellbeing, enhanced alignment and postural integrity of the body, improved circulation of blood and lymph and the stimulation of the internal organs.

Shiro-Abyanga Massage

$330 / 90 min

Shirodhara therapy works through to the deepest levels of one’s being. ‘Shiro’ translates from Sanskrit as head, and ‘dhara,’ as flow. This profoundly soothing ayurvedic treatment brings a stream of warm, medicated oil poured continuously on the forehead which helps to connect, energize, and stimulate the various channels that sustain life’s balance and synergy to the body. A full body Indian inspired massage follows using a combination of soothing and symmetrical long strokes to regulate the circulatory and nervous systems of the body thereby increasing the flow of nutrients and oxygen to restore vitality. Shirodhara is recommended for sinus congestion, insomnia, and for clarity of mind.

Rekindle The Flame Couples Massage

$630 / 90 min

Prepare for a truly unique massage experience for both you and your significant other! Before the massage begins, you will enjoy a couple’s full body cleanse. You will then select your personal candle from a variety of therapeutic fragrant blends, designed to address your individual mood. Crafted with all-natural emollients, the warm massage oil is poured over your body and massaged into the skin for a relaxing treatment that leaves skin silky smooth and irresistibly scented. After your massage, you will receive your candle to continue the spa experience at home!