Jumby Bay Island

In addition to Oetker Collection CSR activities Jumby Bay Island CSR highlights include:

Jumby Bay Hawksbill Project, a long-term research and conservation program, monitoring the hawksbill sea turtle nesting colony on Long Island, Antigua in West Indies.

Actively working on the Jumby Bay Fund, a fund dedicated to supporting charitable organizations, programs and projects in Antigua. To achieve a lasting impact, the fund focuses their efforts across three core areas: community, education and conservation.



Jumby Bay Fund



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Island Preservation

Today, the island and all its assets belong entirely to a passionately committed group of homeowners who ensure the island continues to remain an undisturbed, secluded hideaway. As a result, Jumby Bay Island is home to one of the richest island ecologies in the world.

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Since its discovery by Christopher Columbus in 1493, this isolated island of elemental beauty has enchanted seafarers, naturalists, and romantics. Today it is known as Jumby Bay (named after the Antiguan word jumbee, meaning playful spirit), a retreat of rarefied yet relaxed luxury that's just a six-minute boat ride from the coast of Antigua and yet worlds away from the crowds of the Caribbean.