Privileged and Socially Responsible

One of the greatest luxuries we offer our guests is the opportunity to participate in many initiatives toward the greater good. Discover how we’re investing in a sustainable future for the benefit of generations to come.

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The Corporate Social Responsibility policy is managed by our dedicated BurleBirds Team, made up of members representing all professions in the Hotel.

Consume Responsibly

Bed & Bath Linen

When staying at Palácio Tangará, you have the option of not changing your bed and bath linen daily. This action is part of our desire to protect the environment and enables significant savings in water and energy.

Save the Bees

Palácio Tangará is commited to the maintainance of the bees in the wildlive. Since 2019 we host a hive of stingless bees in the external area of the Hotel.

Waste Management

Our goal is to minimize our production of waste. For the remaining waste, we work with an external company which is permanently on our site to improve recycling management. Each garbage bag is opened to separate the different types of waste. They are then recovered, weighed and revalued.

Earth Hour

Each year during Earth Hour, candles are lit to illuminate the hotel's lobby and restaurants. The facade lighting is also turned off. Palácio Tangará runs fully on LED lighting, the only exception being the emergency exits.

Charging Station

The Palácio Tangará parking garage features a charging station with a universal plug, suitable for charging all electric and hybrid vehicles.

For 30 years, Amigos do Bem Institution has been working to transform lives in the northeast of Brazil. There are more than 150,000 people served monthly, with education, work and income, water, housing and health projects.

Wellbeing at Work

Reusable Bottles

In order to reduce the use of single-use plastic, Palácio Tangará acquired water bottles for employees and set up fountains to cover the water requirement of all services.


Every 3 months, a Palácio Tangará team member is awarded the Quality Award of Service Excellence (QASE) and receives a bonus and certificate. Each year's QASE recipients are nominated for QASE of the year, to win a 5-day all expenses paid stay in the Oetker Collection Masterpiece Hotel of their choice.

The Transparency and Salary Equality Report between Women and Men is available according to Law 14.611/2023.