The Hosts

Meet the hosts

Each stunning property is yours for the duration of your stay – an utterly private estate, with a unique history and an outstanding location. But it is the impeccable team and the charming host – an expert in both the house and the area – that will make it so extraordinary.

Your host, who perfectly characterises the heritage and character of your estate, will be your personal guide throughout your stay, arranging and accompanying your activities, and offering you and your guests an utterly bespoke experience.

Rupert Uloth

Rupert has a wealth of experience in the life of the country estate and all that it has to offer. His background as an officer in the Household Cavalry and as an Editor at Country Life magazine, where he worked for 22 years, has allowed him a unique insight into these extraordinary houses and the opportunities they provide.

He has spent all his life with horses and country pursuits and his time as a travel editor allowed him access to some of the finest place in the world.

He knows how important it is to be well looked after and to have someone with specialist inside knowledge to host with good humour and imaginative ideas. He takes great pleasure in introducing people to the world that he loves.

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Ted Innes Ker

Ted is an expert in luxury and adventure - quite the combination. He is passionate about the countryside, with an attention to detail like few others.

He has hosted clients for many years, helping them experience the best the countryside has to offer, from arranging access to unique areas to introducing newcomers to the finer points of country sports.

He is a keen shot and loves to fish and play golf, but his passion is making sure his guests have the most memorable experiences possible.

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Billy More Nisbett

Billy is an expert in hosting parties and shooting breaks, and has arranged exceptional escapes for 20 years. The fact that his guests return year after year reflects his special skills in creating lasting memories.

His experiences are relaxed and hugely fun, offering a personal touch that makes sure every guest gets the most out of every activity on offer.

His top priority? To make sure his guests are enjoying themselves and having experiences they will never forget. 

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James Middleton

James Middleton is a charming host who will delight in helping you make the most of these magical destinations.

He is passionate about country life and will expertly guide you through the very best the Estates have to offer.

James will be there to welcome you, show you around and help you to get the most out of the sports, activities and experiences on offer.

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Freddie Cartwright

Freddie Cartwright is an expert in country pursuits and estate management having gained a Masters Degree in Rural Estate Management from the prestigious Royal Agricultural College Cirencester.

He has been hosting exceptional country escapes for over 16 years working as Estate Factor at both Skibo Castle in Scotland and Bovey Castle in Dartmoor.

Freddie’s passion is ensuring that guests have the best possible country escape, tailoring your stay so you enjoy all that the magnificent Estates have to offer.

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