Frequently Asked Questions

Who are Masterpiece Estates?

Masterpiece Estates lives within the lifestyle brand (Eden Being) of Oetker Collection. Our mission is to create magical moments and memorable experiences for our valued guests.

Our offering to guests encompasses as many activities and opportunities as we are able to produce within the breath taking surroundings of some of the most beautiful Estates in the United Kingdom and Europe.

How will Masterpiece Estates promote your Estate?

The Oetker Collection has a dedicated, experienced marketing/digital/sales team who appreciate the sensitivities and subtleties surrounding the Estates in the Collection.

Our promotions are thoughtful and respectful. We strive to ensure that the Estates are delighted with our efforts and work with Estates for the approval of key materials.

Promotions will be made to the valued Oetker Collection clientele which include the following mediums:
• Oetker Collection website – articles on each of the estates, history, activities available, catering, meet the team etc. Links to the estates own websites

• Eden Being website

• Eden Being magazine – articles on the estates. Twice yearly magazine distributed globally

• Turn down cards in hotel rooms

• External magazine publications

• Links from partners websites

• Social Media: Twitter, Facebook, Instagram

• E-marketing: E-mailings, Online advertising

• Word of mouth, repeat business from clients wishing to return or try an experience at another of the estates in the collection

• Pearl Partners – network of 100+ preferred Travel Agents

Does the arrangement need to be exclusive?

Masterpiece Estates recognises that Estates will have existing arrangements with other guests and service providers which they may wish to retain.

We do not insist that the Estates in the collection be promoted exclusively by us.

How can we protect the individuality and identity of the Estates?

All the estates in Masterpiece Estates are carefully selected for their character, authenticity and unique charm to ensure that they complement each other and the magnificent hotels of Oetker Collection.

The individuality of each of the Estates is paramount to us and we welcome involvement from Estate Owners to meet with guests and narrate the history of the Estate. We truly believe that such meetings enhance the experience for guests and enables Estate Owners to be involved with stays with as much, or little, involvement as suits them.

One of the main advantages of a place in the collection for Estates is repeat business from clients who have already sampled the delights of other Estates on the platform.

How do the operations work?

Masterpiece Estates provides a booking platform for guests. We will deal with all initial enquiries which can so often be very time consuming.

We will liaise with the Estates to confirm availability for guest stays.

We will liaise with our Hosts to ensure that the stay will be hosted in the best possible manner.

We will work with guests prior to booking to tailor packages and activities for the duration of the stay.

We will collate all dietary requirements in advance and ensure that the Estates are comfortable with these.

We will introduce the guest to the Host (electronically) so that the Host and guests are acquainted in advance of the stay.

From arrival at the Estates the Host will liaise with the guests and Estate to ensure that the stay runs smoothly for all parties.

Why do we use Hosts?

Hosts are an integral part of our model. As we spend a significant amount of time engaging and selecting Estates we spend an equal amount of time engaging and selecting Hosts.

The Hosts we use are all charming and well equipped to organise guests’ stays. They are all native with country pursuits and can efficiently arrange the day for guests to suit all ages and interests.

The Hosts will aim not to tread on the toes of Estate staff, they are more guest facing and work seamlessly with the estates towards the most enjoyable stay possible.

We are anticipating that guests will wish to stay at a variety of the Estates in the collection and the Host can provide continuity between those visits if requested.

How do the Economics work?

We utilise the experience of the Oetker Collection team to suggest pricing models for each of the Estates.

From our research guests prefer to work on an all-inclusive basis to rent the entire Estate for a period of time. Our pricing suggestions aim to include as many of the activities as possible available at the Estate.

Additional services, special requests for food and beverage etc are charged as extras.

Masterpiece Estates charge a 20% commission.

The cost for Hosts is charged separately to guests.

Pricing models for the Estates are agreed with each Estate individually, with the estate owners having ultimate say.

How do Estates join the collection?

Joining the collection is by invitation only.

If you are an Estate Owner and wish to discuss inclusion in the collection then please contact us at: [email protected] or telephone 0207 079 1621.

What is the onboarding process for Estates?

Once an Estate has been identified as being potentially suitable for the collection we will engage in initial dialogue with the Estate Owners.

The next step would be to arrange a visit to the Estate so the Masterpiece Estate representatives can meet with the Owners and staff.

If all parties are comfortable to move forwards we would then proceed to produce a draft offering for the Estate to include the activities available, suggest a bespoke pricing model for the Estate and our marketing team would liaise with the Estate regarding imagery and content for the website, social media and public relations.

Once all elements have been agreed we have a short agreement which we ask Estates to sign to formalise the arrangement.


Phone number:

+44 (0)207 079 1621

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