A new step forward

For many years, Oetker Collection has strongly believed in protecting the environment, and the Collection is constantly reinforcing its environmental commitment every day.

Each masterpiece hotel plays a key role in bringing our CSR vision to life, to be patrons for a safe, guaranteed and eco-friendly future.

The concern around single-use plastic pollution and its impact on wildlife in our varied destinations is growing significantly. Therefore, Oetker Collection has decided to ban the following plastic elements in all hotels:
- Plastic straws
- Plastic spoons
- Plastic cups
- Plastic glass cover in rooms
- Plastic wrapping of individual sugar cubes
- Plastic Q-tips / cottons swabs

By implementing these changes, we can succeed in raising awareness amongst our employees and guests, and reduce our carbon footprint thus continuously striving to offer a more responsible travel experience.

Oetker Collection is fully committed to the UN Global Compact and the Sustainable Development Goals, all included in the upcoming 2017 Corporate Sustainability Report.