Signature weight loss cure by Dr Harry F. König.


Using a unique, integrated combination of nutritional, physical and medical detoxification in the stunning location of the luxurious and innovative Black Forest medical retreat Villa Stéphanie. This is the magic behind THE KINGS WAY by Dr Harry F. König.
Based on the knowledge of modern University medicine, combined with the tradition of naturopathy and 25 years of experience of the respected Dr König – THE KINGS WAY is the ultimate weight loss and intense detoxification programme.
The intense combination of individual dieting, a personalised training programme and daily medical supervision with adapted treatments will create dramatic results.
This is a life-changing, results driven weight loss and detox programme with individual sustainability for your mind, body and soul.


If you have any questions to THE KINGS WAY programme our Villa Stéphanie Team is happy to assist you via telephone +49 (0)7221 900 601.

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This offer includes:


  • Comprehensive medical analysis and a detailed clinical examination at the beginning of your stay
    • Comprehensive laboratory analysis (blood count, organ function blood tests, metabolism, important vital substances, hormone screening)
    • Medical body analysis to measure your level of purification
    • Personalised medical therapy
    • Dietary consultation (medical)
    • Body impedance analysis
  • Physio therapeutic assessment
  • Dietary consultation with your nutritional coach
  • Personalised programme assessment
  • Dental Hygiene Treatments & Oil extraction in the dental practice of Dr Beschnidt
  • Aesthetic consultation in the practice of Dr Yildirim


  • Twice daily liver cleanse treatment
  • Meditation and relaxation
  • Daily herbal detox foot bath


  • Daily Detox treatments (up to 2 sessions per day – according to prescription)
    • Detox treatment
    • Detox body wraps
    • Detox Alkaline bath
    • Lymphatic drainage
    • Body Care treatment


  • Daily lifestyle activity 
  • Daily Personal Training session
    • Cardio
    • Athletic
    • Stretching


  • For example: mueseum, Caracalla Spa


  • Overview of treatments: 
    • Medical appointments: 23 (1 medical examination, 1 blood test, 1 dental hygiene treatments, 1 oil extraction introduction, 1  beauty consultation, 3 Hydro colon, 2 Detox infusions, 3 Ozon therapy, 9 oxygen airnergy bar)
    • Relaxation treatments: 20 (1 clay body treatment, 4 algae packs, 4 detox baths, 2 facial treatments, 3 full body massages, 2 lymph massages, 3 Intensive Slimming Body Care by Sisley treatments, 1 Aqua Organic Detoxifying treatment)
    • Detoxifying treatments: 16 (8 liver cleanse, 8 foot baths)
    • Sports: 18 (1 body analysis, 1 retest, 8 personal training units, 8 lifestyle activities)
  • Nutrition (full board): 5 pre-cleansing days based on teas, smoothies and soups. In the second phase 5 days of vital cuisine (lactose- and gluten-free) based on an individual menu plan. Possible options: vegetarian and vegan.


Subject to availability

The Kings Way, 9 days / 10 nights programme: 9,900 euros per person (excluding accommodation)

Start dates are every Monday (arrival Sunday) or Wednesday (arrival Tuesday)

Choose 10 nights in your preferred category in our Villa Stéphanie (arrival one day before programme starts)

Only valid in combination with The Kings Way

Stéphanie Classic double room (view on the patio, approx. 38 m²) – from 5,000 euros
Stéphanie Superior double room (view on the park, approx. 42 m²) – from 5,700 euros
Stéphanie Deluxe double room (view on the park, approx. 50 m²) – from 6,200 euros
Stéphanie Deluxe Suite (view on the park, approx. 110 m²) – from 29,000 euros