Integrative holistic medicine

Integrative holistic medicine

A complete spectrum of traditional and modern diagnostic techniques. We create personalised therapies for you based on naturopathic medicine in association with the finest clinics and Germany’s best and most highly qualified specialists. 'Empowering people to live a long and healthy life.

Individual integrative therapie concepts

  • Evaluations, diagnostic techniques and care of a specific, personalised, holistic, physical and mental nature
  • Prevention planning following holistic criteria
  • Detoxification (Heavy metal detoxification)
  • Regenerative treatments
  • Orthomolecular therapy (vital substances therapy)
  • Biological therapy for malignant diseases
  • Holistic therapies for degenerative joint and spinal diseases
  • Holistic orthopaedics

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Medical Care Total

You will receive a detailed medical check-up including an individual medical report, nutritional advice and a personal training plan.

Medical Care Best Sleep

With a detailed medical consultation on the subject of sleep optimisation and a comprehensive sleep analysis, we can help you to get restful sleep again.

Medical Care Mini Check

Together with a compact check-up, you will receive a comprehensive medical consultation, as well as a final consultation, an individual medical report and nutritional advice.

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All medical services are charged according to the german legislation GOÄ