Corporate Social Responsibility

The Lanesborough

In addition to Oetker Collection CSR activities The Lanesborough CSR highlights include:

Green Pearl Team, Hotel CSR team, has initiated an award system to recognise positive CSR actions undertaken by their staff members.

The Library Bar team won the quarterly ‘Green Pearl Award’ for their innovative idea of recycling fresh fruit to make dried fruit garnishes for cocktails. 

The Laundry Team has stopped using plastic wrap for guest rooms (previously they would wrap the clothes, bring them up to the room, and the butlers would unwrap them and hang in closet). This action has greatly reduced hotel plastic waste. 

The annual Green Pearl Award was given to the Kitchen Team for their implementation of food waste bins. Chefs and canteen food waste is being tracked to reduce food waste. Two fruit trees were planted in their honour with the ‘Trees for Cities’ charity.

Green Team: Green Pearls 

Mother’s to Mother’s Charity
Red Cross