Art at The Lanesborough

Zoe Benbow


Zoe Benbow compares the practice of making paintings to walking, entering a space where we never quite know what is going to happen. It is the beginning of a journey where the outcome is never certain and ideas and thoughts develop as they go. A finished painting is the sum of Zoe’s micro ideas and decisions, yet at its completion it exists in the world for the enjoyment of others. Her two paintings ‘Easedale Trees’ and ‘The Lake’ have been developed from research drawings and photographs made in Grasmere in the Lake District, during a project on Dorothy Wordsworth. By revisiting the same motifs and images over a long period time and making these large-scale oil paintings in her London studio, Zoe intended to evoke the landscape as remembered in fleeting moments. Zoe’s paintings are less about a representation of a specific place, but aim towards a little reverie and magic with the intention of communicating a poetic reimagining of the woodland.

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The Lake

Oil on canvas | 122cm x 153cm

£3,900 +VAT

Easedale Trees

Oil on Canvas | 120cm x 180 cm

£3,900 + VAT