Art at The Lanesborough

Evie Banks

Through paint Evie creates an original visual language, to open up a refreshing and sentient perspective of the natural landscape. In reference to phenomenology, this is identifiable as an integrated or embodied experience. Phenomenology allows us to explore our relationship to the world using all our senses. Central to this is the argument that the body is a form of consciousness underpinning all action, Merleau Ponty argues that “there is not in the normal subject a tactile experience and also a visual one, but an integrated experience to which it is impossible to gauge the contribution of each sense” (Merleau Ponty: 1945). Evie’s practice considers
phenomenological experience as a way to translate and visualise how she internalise and engage with the natural landscape.

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Untitled Landscape

Acrylic and graphic pen on canvas | 70cm x 45cm

£450 + VAT

September Study I, II, III & IIII

Mixed media on canvas | 30cm x 25cm

£250 + VAT each