Art at The Lanesborough

Dragica Carlin

In painting Dragica explores swirls; their energy and light are created as they unfold. Swirls hold a symbolic connotation there is a universal quality to them and as such, they are timeless and formless motif. They come and go, captivating our perceptions of them even when they are motionless. Dragica views Swirls as reflecting the essence of being.

Her work is deeply visceral, driven by what paint can do. The combination of textures, colours, light, shades and shapes add layers to the visual meaning in her work and the movements of the brush becomes a phenomenon, which guides our perception to the very energetic frequency that is driving Dragica, and subsequently the art.

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Continuity, Series 3

Triptych | Oil on canvas | 120cm x 420cm


Light Swirls, Series 1

Oil on canvas | 150cm x 180cm